May. 27th, 2017

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'Police say Jeremy Christian, 35, cut all three men in the neck, leaving two dead and another injured from knife wounds. The rampage, unlike anything the city has seen, stunned city leaders and left friends and strangers mourning the loss of two lives, applauding the selfless acts of heroes and condemning the racist vitriol that preceded the violence.

Rick John Best, 53, of Happy Valley, Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, 23, of Southeast Portland, and Micah David-Cole Fletcher, 21, of Southeast Portland, intervened Friday when Christian, a man known to police and others for his hate speech and extremist views, launched a slur-filled diatribe at the girl wearing a hijab and her friend after he boarded the MAX Green Line at Lloyd Center, police and witnesses said.'

The Oregonian also has an 18-second video showing the suspect at last month's conservative-oriented 82nd Avenue rally and claims he was "pushed out for antagonizing counter protesters with racial slurs". What the O doesn't tell you is that he was shouted down (and ridiculed as a druggie) by the conservative protestors. Here's video from my friend Leo Stratton:

Milo Yiannopoulos has more:

'So who did Mr. Christian support?

Wait for it – Bernie. ...'

Go to the link for the rest, including screenshots from Christian's deranged Facebook postings.

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