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Weather looks to be decent again today. Clear and mild, but not too hot. My window looks out to the west and I can see the pink-orange light of dawn on the tall building of the new Civic Apartments on the next block. (The new Civic bears no resemblance to its old namesake, a cavernous concrete eyesore that was torn down a few years after I first moved here.)

I got up at 4 because I like to allow myself a good two hours of me time in the morning before I leave for work.

I'm still working at the call center but I've got a phone interview at lunch today and a video interview tomorrow after work. (Need to remember to set up Google Hangouts.)

Plans for tonight include making more headway in Toni Morrison's 'Jazz' (her sixth novel). It's a story of jealousy and obsession sett in 1920s Harlem. The story, according to TM's foreword, was inspired by James Van Der Zee's photograph of a deceased young woman at a funeral, and by TM's youthful encounter with a trunk filled with her mother's memorabilia from her own youth. (I immediately thought of Samuel R. Delany's 'Atlantis', in which SRD imagines his father's world in the same place and time.) I'm hoping to finish it by this weekend and do a write-up for Amazon.

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