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This episode's theme involved a hair dryer. Ummm, excuse me? They're mermaids. They are UNDERWATER. How does a hair dryer work underwater? Not to mention, how do they avoid electrocuting themselves?

Unclear on concept.
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Bunny has just graduated from Sprout to Nick Jr. This means I'll no longer be subjected to the Sprout lineup and I'll have to put up with Nick Jr. instead. In honor of this occasion, here are my ratings of the Sprout shows I've been watching with her, where 5 = great and 0 = Barney.

Thomas and Friends - 3.
A solid three. Apparently kids love it, for reasons that completely escape me. It's solid and sensible, with lots of lines like "Sir Toppam-Hatt was cross with Thomas. 'I'm cross with you, Thomas,' said Sir Toppam-Hatt." But it's not in-your-face annoying, and there's nothing to really complain about. So, 3.

Wibbly Pig, Kipper the Dog - 5.
The only two shows I actually enjoy. They are clever, attractively animated, and cute but low-key. The characters don't feel the need to SHOUT! EVERY! WORD! Even the theme music is fun. I still catch myself singing under my breath, "Hey Wibbly! What-tare we go-ing to dooo to-day?" or "Like a dog, like a dog, like a dawwwwg ... now that's a toad not a frog!"

Angelina Ballerina - 4.
I'm not super engaged by the show but Bunny loves it - of course it helps that it's about a ballerina. I like that the situations and conflicts are presented realistically, and the voice actors' various accents sound natural and not exaggerated or caricatured.

Sid the Science Kid - 1.
Ugh. Just ugh. Take the kid's microphone away NOW.

Caillou - 2.
Caillou's saving grace is that it annoys me slightly less than Sid. Caillou's voice gives me a headache.

Super Why - 3.
Shakespeare it is not, but what it lacks in dramatic depth it makes up in educational value. It does, actually, get Bunny involved in the reading exercises, so I'll give it credit for mission accomplished.
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What is it, exactly - other than a microphone and a pair of overindulgent parents - that qualifies Sid as the "science kid"? There's very little time devoted to discussing "science" in any way, shape, or form; and most of the information is just gotten from outside sources (mostly the computer) - in other words, authority.

[I should probably update my "anythingbutbarney" tag to read "anythingbutbarneyorsidthesciencekid" but that's kind of cumbersome.]

That musical interlude with Laurie (and her animated doppelganger) was nice, though. The chick's cute, and she's got a voice.
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OK, I will admit that I was not prepared for "Thomas and Friends" being narrated by George Carlin.

("'Well, for one thing,' puffed Thomas ...")

When I'm not captive to Bunny's entertainment on Sprout, I'm currently involved with my own TV obsession - 'Hatufim'. It's the Israeli series on which 'Homeland' is based. I have the first two seasons on DVD, with English subtitles. (My Hebrew is good, but not so good that I don't need captions.) It's just a terrific show - psychological spy drama, with plot twists galore. Major Haim Cohen is the military psychologist charged with questioning two returned POWs about their time in captivity - trying to ascertain how much information they may have given the enemy, and, even more important, whether they may have been "turned". And then he runs up against this sooper-seekrit top-level Mossad operation ... wheels within wheels. Great stuff. Very intense, definitely not advised for children! BTW, the dialog is mostly in Hebrew, with some Arabic. Like I say, it's captioned, so you don't have to know Arabic or Hebrew to enjoy the show - but it helps if you can tell which language they're speaking, because it's not always the one you expect!

I'm working again, doing one of the things I do well - office services. Don't ask me why, but this stupid, picky, administrative stuff is what I'm good at. I've got a gig with Ricoh, and they're rotating me through the several sites they run in downtown San Francisco. I'm doing copy center, mailroom, reception, and probably some filing. I'm enjoying the work and getting good performance reviews. It's good to be back in the professional world.

Bunny went to Disneyland over the weekend with a friend and the friend's mother. She had a good time (although friend's mother was beat). She's doing much better these days - the tantruming hasn't entirely disappeared but it is definitely tapering off.

And now for your listening pleasure, here is Miss Bunny with "Molly Malone":


2013-03-07 19:36
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is my date for "Home Alone". Perfect thing for young impressionable minds.

She has a crush on Macaulay Culkin. Got to say, for a 10-year-old kid (his character is 8) he's a pretty awesome actor.

The story arc is so different when it's in a world with payphones and answering machines instead of cell and mobile internet. 1990 seems a lifetime ago.
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Bunny: Why is Twilight sad?
a63: She wants to help with the winter wrap-up, but she doesn't know how to fit in in Ponyville.
Bunny: She needs to go out more. She's all the time in the library.
a63: Yup.
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I keep thinking Rainbow Light is a pony.
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We know this because the theme song says, "They're just like people, only more so."

Bunny home with me tonight, drawing busily while watching TV. Had a great Thanksgiving with her mom and friends. Great weather here in SF, I actually made it down to the Chabad on Army Street today.

My numero uno goal for the coming year: more creative stuff. For real.

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