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"LiveJournal is functioning normally"

Well, technically that's true ......
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... test ... test ...
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Let me know when e-mail notifications are working again.

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You can get rid of that stupid Valentine's Day banner any time now.

Thank you.
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Honestly, LiveJournal, I just don't know what I'd do without that helpful little note on my subject line. Thank you.
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This is a test post.

If this had been an actual post, I would be swooning in paroxysms of joy. Yes, oh yes, the great, resplendent, all-merciful demigods of LiveJournal have smiled upon me! The scions of SixApart have found my post worthy! Yes ... yes ... oh God YESSSSSS!!!!!

But since this isn't a real post, I'll just say, LiveJournal sucks, and let it go at that.
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Last day in Putnam! I'm flying home tomorrow - homeward bound, leavin' on a jet plane, etc. Two weeks of rest, relaxation, and being spoiled rotten by relatives was just about right. Now I'm ready to go back to normal life.

LiveJournal seems to be working *almost* reliably this morning.

[ profile] heyfoureyes - I love pen and paper. It forces me to slow down. Also easier to keep track of work and revisions. Different product? Yes, I think so. I'm going back to drafting in longhand for new episodes of TQC - never mind the enormous mountain of notes I've already generated - because it makes me more conscious of the work.

BTW, a while back you were asking about single-gender societies in SF. Did I mention the short story "Breathmoss" by Ian McLeod? I thought it was quite well done.

[ profile] heldc - It's baaaaaack!


2006-11-30 17:21
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Effin' LiveJournal.

Is anybody else getting a lot of "error running script" and comments not posting tonight?
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"Style code didn't finish running in a timely fashion."

Now wait. Just. One. MINUTE.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with my style, dammit. And there's nothing wrong with my running style either. (Well okay, it's a little clunky and a little dorky and I'm 43 years old. But still.)

I did not ask my LJ screen for its opinions of my style, and I resent this unsolicited criticism. Oh, and would it be asking too much to expect the page to load reliably? I know, I'm being unreasonable.


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