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What with all the internet skullduggery going on of late, this seems like a good time to renew this open invite to LJ/DW friends. If you want to connect or stay in touch outside of DW/LJ, feel free to comment or inbox me and we can exchange contact info. For those who are into snail mail, I'll include my new address.
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Marjory Asher was a friend and sometime girlfriend with whom I shared a birthday and a name. We stayed in touch after I left Portland, but I hadn't heard back from her for months. Now I know why.

I'll post a little more later. Right now I'm just stunned. It's been almost a year since she left us; don't know why it took me that long to do a google on her, but there you go.


She was found in the Willamette River.

"It has been determined that she did not fall."
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... and dodging the dog poop with [profile] silverseabear  and [personal profile] stigmatic! I had a wonderful, fabulous Saturday afternoon in a part of San Francisco that I'd missed out on before with these two. It was great meeting you both in the flesh!
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So I got up at my usual 5am after getting to sleep at about 1am. But I slept about an hour earlier in the evening yesterday. So I should get through the day all right.

Nothing quite like getting all your bills paid at 1 in the morning!

The new job is going better than I first thought it would, and the work day generally goes pretty quickly. They let you wear headphones on the job, which is nice, and it allows me to study my Arabic and Farsi while working.

Going to finally, really and truly, finish writing that new chapter to The Queen's Courtesan today. I'm taking my writing pad on my coffee breaks.

I've been getting traffic on the Stephanie tribute site, which is immensely gratifying.

Finished editing and tagging all my old entries.

[ profile] stilken's comment got me to thinking about the intersections between my LJ life and the rest of my-life-in-the-world. More later .....
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Just recently I was reminded of how pleasant - and how rare - it is to have a nice, comfortable, warm conversation with someone.

Also, how much easier it is to sleep when there's someone to say good night to.

Well, anyway, I've got to try to shut my eyes for a little bit because I've got that fun job again tomorrow.
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I'm still scanning documents for a pittance, but it's going well.

Highlight of the weekend was a lovely e-mail conversation with somebody last night. (Really, I *will* get that IM thing going on soon!)

Other than that, another day, another dollar. Happy Presidents' Day and all that stuff.
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The new job is keeping me pretty busy, but it's going well.

Michael Totten is posting about his most recent trip to Lebanon. Here's his interview with Walid Jumblatt and his analysis of Lebanese politics after the Hariri assassination (which happened two years ago today). MJT's Israeli friend Michael Oren is going to be appearing at Powell's Books this Friday night at 7:30, and I'm going. Michael T. has invited me to hang out with him and the Israeli author after the event. I was hoping Michael W., who's a prof at Portland State and very interested in Israeli and Middle Eastern events, would be able to join us; but it probably would have been too many Michaels in one place anyway.

Promising myself I'm going to do some creative stuff before I go to bed tonight. TQC is still stuck at Chapter 29. One more chapter will round out Part III and give me a chance to set up the next part of the storyline. Chapter 30 will probably take a look at Gilkesh politics as seen through the eyes of Earth Intel. In the next section I want to develop Kathris and Amira's relationship some more, provide an inside look at the workings of Singularity, explore a planet (Darkhaven) which I've so far only alluded to, and introduce one more character ... who will play an important role in the story.

Oh, and I promise there will be some sex scenes soon.

Valentine's Day? Well, I could give you a lot of high-flown rhetoric about commercialism and the cheapening of human relationships ... but I'll just fess up and say I'm embittered. Grrrrr.

So there.

Happy Valentine's Day anyway.
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Last night I saw Rabbi Greenberg at PSU - my second time seeing him in three days, after catching him at the private event on Sunday. He is awesome. I won't try to summarize his talks here, but I'm glad he is out there and working for change.

Tonight I'm meeting a friend who's a prof at PSU. He helped put together the RSG appearance. Should be exciting conversation and it'll be good catching up.

Tomorrow ... job interview!

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