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I celebrated Parashat Lekh Lekha by taking a stroll down to Harrison Street and back - down via 14th Street and back on 16th. It was about a 45-minute round trip. My feet DID NOT HURT, yay!

I want to do a walking tour of the Mission, maybe a photo tour. I am living in San Francisco under protest, and I'm looking forward to leaving in couple more months - but I want to make the most of it while I'm here.

Put me down among those who hate hate HATE the new Flickr - like a number of other disgruntled ex-Flickrites, I've opened an account on Ipernity and imported all my F****r photos there. But I'm still keeping my F****r account open, just 'cuz.

Anyway, I'm hoping to post some new local photos here soon.

Portland, here I come!
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As San Francisco goes, where I live isn't bad. But I'm looking forward to moving back to Portland.

Long-term, living in SF isn't viable for me in terms of money or mental health. I've toyed with the idea of moving to a suburb or smaller town somewhere in the Bay Area, but I don't really see that happening. It'll still be California, it'll still be the Bay Area, and the cost of living will catch up with me one way or another. It would get me out of the city, but if I wanted city life (entertainment, shopping, culture, work, school) I'd still have to deal with getting in and out of San Francisco - or Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, etc.

And I'm concerned about what California will be like in the next few years. The economy isn't in great shape here or anywhere else, but I'm thinking in particular of what will happen if (or when) the State's budget goes over the cliff. I am not conjuring up apocalyptic scenarios here, but I do worry. California is a big state. What will happen if Sacramento can't keep up basic services like infrastructure and state law enforcement? What will happen when state benefits and programs are cut? I worry about basic things like health, safety, crime.

Oregon is a much smaller state, and its biggest city isn't very big. It's a smaller economy, and I almost feel like it doesn't have as far to fall.

I've been getting job offers steadily - most recently from a Bay Area tech firm whose name is associated with very large numbers. If I can focus on building a good resume over the next year and a half, I'll be in a strong position to get work in Portland when I move back. That new Intel plant [ ] should be opening up just about the time I get there.

Wish me luck.
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I'm at the concourse in PDX now, and my flight boards in about 20 minutes. I'm ready to get back home after a great visit to Connecticut and Oregon. Had a great time meeting up with my high school classmates and touring my old hometown, and then hanging out in my old neighborhood in Portland. Now, I'm beginning to miss TNG and Bunny. (Oh, and my book collection.)

It's been a great trip, and I feel younger than I have in years. At least, I did until the lady at the airport TravelMart offered me a senior citizens' discount.

Oh well.
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I am reliably informed that Frank Chu is up to 5395000000 Galaxies.
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Bay Area readers: What's your favorite San Francisco place/event/activity?
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... is beautiful today.

This city is bigger, more crowded, and more expensive than I'd prefer, and I miss Portland. But it's absolutely splendid outside today, and it's a pleasure just getting out and walking around. Here where B lives (Sutter/Fillmore) it's fun to look at the shops and walk around Japantown.

I like being able to see old friends all the time. So many connections. And yeah, I do like the electricity and the excitement of the San Francisco culture. I'm starting to get excited about seeing the city and meeting new people.

It's starting to be fun.
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as I was expecting.

It ain't Portland, OK, but it ain't too bad.

Cost of living is, well, what it is. But there's also a pay differential that partially offsets the higher rents and prices. When I went to the temp agencies and they asked me how much I was looking to earn, I said "at least 12 dollars an hour" - which would be good money for the kind of work I do in Portland - and they were like, "we don't even have anything that pays that low!" Apparently I should be looking more in the 14 - 17 range, which is good. So basically it's just that San Francisco dollars are different from Portland dollars.

Also: MUNI is not quite the nightmare it used to be, as far as I can tell. I rode the N-Judah to the Montgomery Station at 8:30am on a Tuesday morning - and it wasn't crowded at all. Sure I had to stand; but there was room to breathe, and I wasn't a**hole-to-elbow with 50,000 other motley specimens of humanity. And the trains and buses seem to be running on schedule, plus there's little things like better signage than when I last lived here. I don't know how much of this is attributable to the introduction of the SFMTA - which was created just after I moved to Portland - but it looks like somebody is doing something right. So I hereby duly note the marked improvement in MUNI, and hope they keep it up.

Yup, I miss Portland, but I'm trying to stay focused on the positives. So that's my props for San Francisco for today.

It ain't Portland. But I can get used to it.

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