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What with all the internet skullduggery going on of late, this seems like a good time to renew this open invite to LJ/DW friends. If you want to connect or stay in touch outside of DW/LJ, feel free to comment or inbox me and we can exchange contact info. For those who are into snail mail, I'll include my new address.
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Finally met up with [personal profile] snarkout_rat and her spouse today!  We were hoping to make it a foursome but G had a prior commitment, so it was the three of us at Boogaloos on Valencia.  We then took a short stroll down Valencia and stopped in at the pirate shop.  I got mopped, as did snarkout; Mr. Snark somehow avoided the mopping. 

Thanks to both for a fabulous afternoon, and have a great stay in California.
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... and dodging the dog poop with [profile] silverseabear  and [personal profile] stigmatic! I had a wonderful, fabulous Saturday afternoon in a part of San Francisco that I'd missed out on before with these two. It was great meeting you both in the flesh!
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... and Photoshop spat out the bones.

For those just joining us, I've started a Flickr page.

New material to be posted very soon.

I blame [ profile] daddicade for starting me on this road to perdition. And [ profile] bluecarp (whom I had the pleasure of meeting recently in San Francisco) for lots of stimulating conversation about art, science, gender, and society. (Don't forget to check out her homepage.)

Now I find myself taking my little dig-it-all camera around with me wherever I go, and thinking, "Hmmm, looks like material for a photo ..."

Actually, many of my images on Flickr are either abstract (from computer-generated mathematical plots) or highly reprocessed from NASA photographs or other sources; so, most of the pieces aren't candidates for Flickr's "interesting images" feature. But hey. It's MY addiction, dammit.

And don't forget to visit [ profile] daddicade's LJ to see how a REAL photographer does it.
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So, my temp gig starts tomorrow. It's outside of Portland, but now that I'm finally driving again, that won't be a problem. And yes, I am actually getting to enjoy driving ... in fact, I went out for a little drive the other day, and took some pictures.

Now, the scary part: Yes, I've done it, I've gotten a Flickr page. It's still under construction but I will be posting the link here soon. This is fun and exciting because it gives me an excuse to play with Photoshop, which I've had on my computer for 2 years but rarely used. The scary part is that Flickr is addictive. (In fact I spent most of the weekend bugging out in front of the computer.) I think after the novelty wears off I'll be able to enjoy it without it taking up all of my time.

Hoping to hear back some time this week on that permanent position.

[ profile] daddicade, see you tonight!
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I've got a temp job Wednesday thru the weekend. Plus, I had a very promising interview last week for an internet-related position (yes, a REAL! JOB!) and I should hear back on that some time this coming week.

[ profile] daddicade, my friend says she won't be able to make it for drinks Tuesday night, but I trust we are still on. I'll e you.

[ profile] fairiegodmother, looking forward to meeting up with you whenever you are feeling better. Next weekend is looking good. I'll zap you a note.

[ profile] silverseabear, love the new LJ look! And the userpic is teh hotness very attractive. You still up in Seattle?

[ profile] bluecarp, I love the sculpty work! Hope you enjoy getting back to that. Be sure to check out the claymation lab at Zeum ... TNG was like a kid in a candy store there, and I think you will be, too!
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... with memories of a great visit with TNG, and an awesome in-person meet-up with the lovely and charming [ profile] bluecarp!

[ profile] tyrsalvia, sorry we missed each other again.

[ profile] fairiegodmother, it's great to be back in the NW ... looking forward to getting together soon.

And yes, I took pictures of TNG ... forgot my digital camera (shame!) so I bought one of those disposable film cameras from Walgreens. Should get 'em developed in the next day or two.
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I had a lovely evening with [ profile] daddicade & the boi last night at the Horse Brass. My brain has been fried all day (which will happen as the result of even a modest amount of alcohol) and I've been running around getting ready for my trip (that'd be running around in circles, mostly) but I did want to get a post up.

Thanks to all who have posted encouragement on the continuing saga of Miss J, by the way.
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I've just made my second in-person LJ meeting (after [ profile] fairiegodmother, and I do hope we'll be able to chat again some time!) - with [ profile] daddicade at the Horsebrass. Cade, it was great meeting with you & the boi!

Families ... {sigh} ... who invented them, anyway?

And Cade, I promise not to say a word about your criminal past ... really!

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