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They surround her,
the seven planets,
but she burns toward
the pallor of his face.

And he's so far away,
in the heavens of the Earth's sphere,
but he yearns for her,
her golden fire.

The moon's shadow stretches
over the sun's face.
Forever, day and night,
they are touching up above.
And it's not enough for him, not enough for her -
just for a moment, and then on.
And so, each day, for countless years,
he dies in her light, and she in his.
Sunset of a pink dawn,
lost love.

Time and again in their despair
they darken for a moment:
eclipse of the moon,
eclipse of the sun.
Yet in this pursuit
the illuminate the sky,
captive in their orbits,

הם סובבים אותה,
שבעת כוכבי הלכת
אך היא בוערת אל
חיוורון פניו.
והוא רחוק כל כך,
בשמי כדור הארץ,
אבל נכסף אליה
לאש זהב.

צל הירח
אל פני השמש נמשך.
תמיד בין יום ובין לילה,
נוגעים שם למעלה,
וזה לא די לו, לא די לה -
רק לרגע והלאה.
וכך כל יום, שנים אין ספור,
הוא מת באורה,
היא באורו.
שקיעת זריחה ורודה,
אהבה אבודה.

לא פעם בייאושם
הם מחשיכים לרגע,
ליקוי ירח
וליקוי חמה.
אך במרדף הזה
הם מאירי שמיים,
שבויים במסלולם
בלי נחמה.

צל הירח
אל פני השמש נמשך.
תמיד בין יום ובין לילה,
נוגעים שם למעלה,
וזה לא די לו, לא די לה -
רק לרגע והלאה.
וכך כל יום, שנים אין ספור,
הוא מת באורה,
היא באורו.
שקיעת זריחה ורודה,
אהבה אבודה.
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I've got several boxes full of old CDs and DVDs, all of which I keep meaning to watch or listen to "someday". Last night I decided to give one of those DVDs a go (a production of a Shakespeare play that I'd had for maybe 5 or 6 years) and I put it in the DVD player. A few minutes into the play, the faces of the actors dissolved into blocks of pixels as if they had all been placed under the witness protection program. Soon thereafter, the disc stopped playing entirely.

Disc rot. [] It's the same problem I'd been having with many of my DVDs and audio CDs. Meanwhile, my old vinyl records - some of them inherited from my parents - still play, for the most part, pretty well.

Sony gave us the CD back in the early 1980s [] and I can remember the extravagant promises that were made about the digital compact disc's durability and longevity. Now I'm wondering if it's time to just cut my losses and toss all my old optical media in the dumpster.

I can watch videos and listen to music on streaming digital media and downloads now. Of course, the continued viability of those media depends on the survival of the technological infrastructure that they inhabit: successive generations of computers, mobile devices, music players, and so on.

I'll confess I have a certain sentimental nostalgia for vinyl - but my reasons for keeping up my vinyl collection are pragmatic. I want a record that'll damn sure play 10 or 20 years from now. I don't know that about my digital tracks, and I certainly don't know it about my CDs, but I know it about my vinyls.

And as for Sony - the folks who brought us the compact disc in the first place - what are they up to these days?

Well ...

The tables have turned ... at 33 1/3 rpm.
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You know how you can hear a song 100 times and not really pay attention, and then on the 101st time it suddenly grabs you? That's this song for me right now. The name of the band (Devek) means glue, and I'm glued to this tune.

I'll try to work up a translation of the lyrics later.


2016-11-15 09:47
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Meir Banai live. This song just kills me.

"Answer us, G-d of Abraham ..."
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A little Motown for your Saturday night.

This 1966 song by the Four Tops was another big hit for the gifted and prolific songrwiting team of Holland-Dozier-Holland. Their first breakthrough came after Eddie Holland gave up his performing career to join his brother Brian and Lamont Dozier, with 1963's 'Heat Wave' performed by Martha and the Vandellas.

Baritone Levi Stubbs (1936-2008) was the lead singer for the Four Tops but never sought top billing, out of solidarity with his bandmates.
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Get up, arise, and speak anew
without fences or boundaries
without here or there
without fear of death.

Speak like a child,
straight to the heart.

I've been posting at LiveJournal for over 10 years, and mirroring at DreamWidth since 2012. Most of my posts here have been non-political, but that is likely to start to change as time goes on.

You should know that I'm American, Jewish, 51 years old, a proud parent, a military veteran, socially liberal, free-market conservative, registered Republican, queer-friendly, Zionist, patriot. In no particular order.

I've been back in my adopted hometown of Portland, Oregon, since the end of January, having spent almost seven years living (VERY reluctantly) in San Francisco. Amazing what you'll do when there are kids involved.

Shabbat shalom.
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The Motels, 1983. From the golden age of MTV. Even after 30+ years the song and the video still give me goosebumps.
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מילים: רבי מרדכי עבאדי
לחן: מאיר בנאי

"Assemblies of the People"
Words by Rabbi Mordechai Abbadi
Music by Meir Banai

I just love this song.
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Performed by The Piano Guys, via the ubiquitous FB. Enjoy.

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