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The weather today was milder and mostly fair, bringing a much-needed thaw to the city and the roads in particular. I'm on track to work something close to a full week for the first time in seemingly forever. (Worked a short day Tuesday due to road conditions, but I was able to make up some of those hours tonight.) Regular employees at the Clinic get compensated for snow days, but I'm a contractor so I'm just out the money.

The good news is I got a call from my agency yesterday to check in and see how I'm doing. (I'm approaching the six-month mark at this gig.) I told them, truthfully, that I like the people I work with and have no complaints about the work, but that in the near future - after I've passed my 6-month obligation - I may be looking to make a little better rate of pay. So the agency guy said he'd talk to my boss at the clinic and see if he could work something out. Fingers crossed.

I'm almost at the end of 'Tar Baby' - I'm listening to the audiobook at work, and reviewing in the dead-tree edition after work - and I hope to get a write-up done this weekend.

The two Crock-Pots I ordered are sitting in the kitchen waiting to get used. I've promised myself that this coming week will be the week I start practicing making cholent, in time for next Shabbat. Anybody know any good, easy cholent recipes? (Meat and/or meatless.)

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